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Durango NVC Servise' Fees

Initial Intake Session, 90 minutes - $145

Individual Session, 50 minutes - $95

Short Session, 30 minutes - $45

Short Term Intervention/Crisis Intervention, max 40 minutes - $60

Two party mediation, 120 minutes - $250

Multiple party mediation, 120 minutes - $315

Skype sessions follow the in-person fee scale

*No-show fee is the full session fee if appointment is not cancelled  24-hours prior.

*Sliding fee scale is on case by case, as-needed basis. I only accept 3 sliding fee scale clients at a time.

* If we must appear in court on your behalf there will be a charge of:
$115 per hour from the time she leaves her office to the time she returns to the office and $90 per hour to prepare. A fee of $90 per hour will be charged to speak with your attorney or give a deposition. This charge will not billed to insurance and will be the patient's responsibility to pay no later than 3 business days after service is provided.

Payment (cash or check) is due in full at the time of service.

Service fee payment for phone or Skype sessions need to be completed prior to the session via PayPal. We will provide you with an invoice by email. Our distance session fees follow our regular fee scale.

We charge a fee of $15, plus the amount of the check, for any returned checks.

* Fees are as of December 1, 2016 and are adjusted periodically.