Addiction Coaching

We humans don't work in our best self-interest all the time, specifically when overwhelming emotions change the way we function. How can you make a lasting change regarding dysfunctional habits? Our work starts with reminding you that decisions are the ultimate power and through our work we hope to help you decide what you're going to focus on consciously or unconsciously. The human mind gives meaning to what we focus on and that meaning produces our emotions. Those emotions create our direction, they define what we're going to do, and what our action will be. We invite you to reflect on your own life, and we aim to help you reveal the needs behind the decisions that have shaped your destiny in the past. What if you'd made a different decision, how would your life be completely different? We uncover the strategies you have been choosing to fulfill the basic six human needs. Once we know what's driving you, together we can change your “map”. We can change the belief systems that tell you how to get those basic needs met in a constructive way. The key to change habits is to replace them with new and more functional ones. We support you in finding your motivation, setting your goals, creating agreements and holding yourself accountable for the change you want to see in yourself. With your emotions released you will often feel renewed and whole again, with a calmness and joy beyond any words.