Living NVC

Advanced Level Compassionate Communication Work for Individuals or Small Groups

By learning and using daily the basics of NVC, you will find an increase in the level of awareness in recognizing: when we are reacting, when we are not connected to our needs, and when choosing a strategy which is not in full alignments with our value. It takes a radical shift to embrace any reactivity we experience and not make an enemy of it. This is mastering self-compassion.

NVC or Compassionate Communication is frequently referred to as the language of the heart. Yet, we are not able to truly live from our heart unless we are able to access it. Every action we humans ever take are fulfilling our basic needs, values, and the qualities of the heart that manifest in us. Living life fully requires the development of simple presence to our truth. Discovering and deactivating our self- sabotaging thoughts and the defeating stories we tell ourselves is a journey to empowerment, healing, and contentment. We provide you with the opportunity to learn linear steps and clearly defined processes to shift limiting beliefs which transforms your life experience and helps you find your true self.

Processes we use in the work:

Credit and gratitude to Robert Gonzales (NVC trainer) for developing and teaching the following processes.

  • Practices for cultivating the embodied consciousness of the Beauty of Needs
  • Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs
  • Transforming Core Jackal Beliefs
  • Choosing Life: The Illusion of Conflicting Needs
  • Honesty: Authentic Dialogue
  • Transforming Reactive Triggers
  • Autonomy and Interdependence
  • Speaking NVC Naturally – from the Beauty of Needs

      Intentions and Consciousness

  • Taking 100% responsibility for the quality of your experience
  • Living a fully integrated, inner and outer life
  • Living the fullness and wholeness in each moment
  • Inner Journey: seeking versus yearning
  • Entering a dialogue with full mutuality, non-attachment to outcome
  • Seeing everything, inner and outer, as an expression of life
  • Cultivating and deepening dwelling in the beauty of needs

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