Durango NVC Serices

We are here to empower you with the focus, insights, and accountability you need to achieve consistent results such as:

  • Moving through conflict and learning about yourself
  • Developing a more passionate intimate relationship 
  • Increasing your income with the psychology of abundance 
  • Changing the habits holding you back from living life fully 
  • Creating the body and mind that is full with the energy to live, love and contribute

 We challenge you to reflect on the ways you can be successful in obtaining the life you want in the way you want it; support you to discover your blueprint; and guide you in making the changes necessary to match your life with your blueprint. We can teach you Nonviolent Communication skills to foster your breakthrough with the inner or outer conflicts you experience in your life. We can help you see your hidden motivations, values, and beliefs so you can take full responsibility for your actions, communication and behaviors.


Our work will remind you to never settle for less than you can be, and never settle for less than you can give or contribute. Progress equals happiness. Even if you're not where you want to be yet, if you're improving, you're making progress and you are going to feel alive. We help you in developing a psychological immunity that says: "I am ready for whatever life will give me, I know I can handle those challenges". This strength of spirit is what creates a sense of freedom and joy in life. The skills we share with you can be used for your  never-ending self improvement.

We can help you find the passion that fuels your sustainable life energy. We will support you in changing your habits, and allow you to experience a breakthrough. By making a decision while you're in a passionate state and commit to taking massive positive actions, you will find the way to create your desired life. We hold you accountable to create lasting changes in your life. Living from a beautiful state, regardless of the challenges, we will help you develop skills to change your "life story".  When people change their story about their limitations, the most empowering changes start to happen. We teach you how to ground the breakthrough moments of your life and use them as foundations to take care of yourself.

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