Restorative Justice Circles

Restorative Circle is a structural framework that brings conflicted parties (victim and offender) together to individually reconnect and to reconnect with the community at large. It is a facilitated meeting focused on building relationships; rebuilding trust; and addressing conflict within a community, based on Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Justice. Restorative Circles are like a series of empathy hot tubs. They are a truly empowering, community-based system that creates a safe space and the right conditions for finding mutually beneficial actions for rehabilitation and healing. A Restorative Circle is a place where everyone’s voices is heard, respected and considered in the collaborative process of planning action steps to repair the harm that has been done by holding the offender fully accountable. We, as Circle Keepers, facilitate the Talking Circle by selecting the time and place, inviting members, and preparing introductory remarks. Once the group reviews its established norms, the Circle Keeper can read a short piece of text to set the tone or just dive into the first question, problem or reflection. Restorative Justice as an alternative approach is being used more and more frequently in our criminal justice and school disciplinary systems. Restorative Circles work well for any size community reconciliation. We offer Circle facilitations and training and are open to setting up full Restorative Justice Systems for your workplace, school, business, church, neighborhood or any other community you are involved in and/or want to see thrive.