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Divorce Mediation

Durango NVC Services offers a powerful form of alternatmNive marriage counseling based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is an emotionally dynamic process. Our couples conflict resolution odel includes a simultaneous communication skills training. This work has been pioneered by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. The approach gets dramatic results in a fraction of the time required by more traditional modes of mediation. Developing compassion, respect, open-hearted, honest self expression is the key to an increased understanding, healing and sense of connectedness. Through the mediation the couples receive communication counseling, and gain new interpersonal relationship skills which they will be able to use in any future conflict situation. Only when both parties have had their needs for empathy fulfilled, do we move on to strategic, creative brainstorming to find practical solutions. This method of mediation is effective with even the most challenging relationship problems.


Marriage & Family Counseling

Working with the whole family to restore peace and harmony, we are adapting and customizing a profoundly healing and connecting process to each unique family conflict situation. We will support you both in achieving personal and relationship growth. This work helps you achieve the goals of balance, harmony, understanding, and reconnection within your family unit. We include and support your children to be equal participants of the process we facilitate to rebuild the desired family respect and happiness. In each session we not only systematically work on resolving your conflict, but we teach you the skillsets we apply. We are available for long term support as needed, when your newly learned skills may need reinforcment. We help you to rehabilitate a more functional balance between your professional and personal life as well as a balance between selfcare and contribution to others' well-being in your family.

Company Conflict Solutions

Conflicts are inevitable but effective communication skills transform any conflict into a mutually satisfying resolution, which is a great opportunity for team-building and a growth in trust between the participants. Our skilled and sensitive facilitation is designed to encourage and enable everyone in the group to be heard. We aim to create a safe environment for incluseive and participatory decision making which fosters collaborative teamwork and results in higher productivity. Teaching techniques of skillful conflict resolution contributes to increased willingness to acknowledge difficult issues before they destroy positive work environments. This technique creates clear ground rules that everyone within the community work place will respect. It encourages the participants to willingly carry out tasks in a feel-safe environment, while also allowing them to relax and focus fully on the matters at hand. Our action-oriented approach to transform conflict into an opportunity of open hearted, self connected discussion allows for the birth of collaborative efforts guided toward solutions, next steps, and shared agreements. Part of our work is to teach your group how to create, measure, break agreements with care, and how to re-negotiate agreements as needed. Our goal is to help your company create an exceptional workplace conflict transformation culture based on compassionate communication


Addiction Coaching

We humans don't work in our best self-interest all the time, specifically when overwhelming emotions change the way we function. How can you make a lasting change regarding dysfunctional habits? Our work starts with reminding you that decisions are the ultimate power and through our work we hope to help you decide what you're going to focus on consciously or unconsciously. The human mind gives meaning to what we focus on and that meaning produces our emotions. Those emotions create our direction, they define what we're going to do, and what our action will be. We invite you to reflect on your own life, and we aim to help you reveal the needs behind the decisions that have shaped your destiny in the past. What if you'd made a different decision, how would your life be completely different? We uncover the strategies you have been choosing to fulfill the basic six human needs. Once we know what's driving you, together we can change your “map”. We can change the belief systems that tell you how to get those basic needs met in a constructive way. The key to change habits is to replace them with new and more functional ones. We support you in finding your motivation, setting your goals, creating agreements and holding yourself accountable for the change you want to see in yourself. With your emotions released you will often feel renewed and whole again, with a calmness and joy beyond any words.

Trauma Support

This work is not always easy. To be successful in this area you must look within and reflect and you must often face emotions you haven't faced in a while. Experiencing life threatening situations in your environment creates certain Psychological Trauma (PT) and can even be responsible for Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to a totally natural, human physiological response. The Psychological Trauma effects the way our experience from that event is stored in our memory – it causes storage in fragments, rather than a whole, complete memory filed orderly and because of that we end up with ”sensitive spots” or reactionary memories. The fragmented detailos of the event are stored as sensory memories. Therefore when particular fragments (smells, sights, sounds, etc) are re-experienced later, what is immediately brought up in your body is the same sensory experience you had when you encountered your traumatic event the first time. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘being triggered’—an element from the event “triggers” the physiological response that goes along with that sensory data (smell, sight, sound, sensation). By addressing the memory’s fragments of a Psychological Trauma in a place where you are not in emergency mode, we can teach your brain to reframe a traumatic event and store the information from the event wholly (not in fragmented pieces). When the memory is fully integrated and stored in a complete way, fragmented shards do not pop up and trigger the physiological responses associated with the original event.


Personal Breakthrough Coaching

What specific area in your life are you motivated to change? Whether it is your relationship, your business, your finances, your career, or your health that you want to take to the next level but, for one reason or another you just never made it happen, we can help you. We can help you make the shift needed by delving into the three key components of creating your breakthrough: STRATEGY, STORY, and STATE. With our guidance you will discover the way you approach a goal. We support you to change your beliefs about your life, and help you straighten your mental game to form your empowering foundation for success. Teaching you how to take control of your emotions; how to connect to your driving needs; how to harvest the force of your passion; how to keep your focus; and how to create a discipline in taking massive actions, we will help you finally create the quality life that you’ve always wanted. With your self-doubt released you will find yourself feeling empowered, confident and unstoppable.

Compassionate Parenting Classes

A parent is simply a human being entrusted with the care and well-being of a much smaller, less-experienced, but no less important, human being. Do you want to improve your relationship with your children? No matter how old they are, catapult into a new parenting dimension! We teach you a Nonviolent Communication based approach: parenting from your heart. This style of parenting - expressing feelings and empathizing with your children - will give renewed hope for honesty-based connection with the most important people in your life. We provide skill sets and easy to follow road maps for turning family conflict into cooperation. We help parents explore their own communication skills, emotional and physical needs, and problem areas in regards to parenting. We challenge you to address the only behavior you can actually change - your own. We explore why culturally accepted forms of parenting - lecturing, advising, making demands, punishing or promising rewards - don't usually work. We provide new solutions, based on the fact that at the heart of every conflict is a communication of needs. We will support you in creating your family’s new foundation through family activities geaed towards respect and cooperation, which will allow you to turn you home into a “No Fault Zone” with reduced conflicts and sibling rivalry.


Restorative Justice Circles

Restorative Circle is a structural framework that brings conflicted parties (victim and offender) together to individually reconnect and to reconnect with the community at large. It is a facilitated meeting focused on building relationships; rebuilding trust; and addressing conflict within a community, based on Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Justice. Restorative Circles are like a series of empathy hot tubs. They are a truly empowering, community-based system that creates a safe space and the right conditions for finding mutually beneficial actions for rehabilitation and healing. A Restorative Circle is a place where everyone’s voices is heard, respected and considered in the collaborative process of planning action steps to repair the harm that has been done by holding the offender fully accountable. We, as Circle Keepers, facilitate the Talking Circle by selecting the time and place, inviting members, and preparing introductory remarks. Once the group reviews its established norms, the Circle Keeper can read a short piece of text to set the tone or just dive into the first question, problem or reflection. Restorative Justice as an alternative approach is being used more and more frequently in our criminal justice and school disciplinary systems. Restorative Circles work well for any size community reconciliation. We offer Circle facilitations and training and are open to setting up full Restorative Justice Systems for your workplace, school, business, church, neighborhood or any other community you are involved in and/or want to see thrive.


Are you tired of fighting with your spouse or tired of the constant power struggle with your kids? Finally just had enough of sarcasm, blame, criticism and contention? Can't tolarate the pain of disconnecton? Are you ready to stop feeling unfullfilled in your relationships? Would you like to have less conflict at your workplace or at home? If so, learning Nonviolent Communication(NVC) skills is for you! Listening to others with compassion in order to discover precious human needs and being able to communicate from your heart, even in the middle of a conflict, will help you create the quality connections you long for in any life situation. Are you ready to take part in an intoductory workhop, do you want to ground your skills in a practice group or are you looking forward to learning about respectful parenting? If so, we offer Nonviolent Communication based trainings that can be designed just for you. You don't need to wait until we set training dates. Instead, you can bring your friends, neighboors, and/or colleagues together and ask us to run the trainings for your group.