Are you tired of fighting with your spouse or tired of the constant power struggle with your kids? Finally just had enough of sarcasm, blame, criticism and contention? Can't tolarate the pain of disconnecton? Are you ready to stop feeling unfullfilled in your relationships? Would you like to have less conflict at your workplace or at home? If so, learning Nonviolent Communication(NVC) skills is for you! Listening to others with compassion in order to discover precious human needs and being able to communicate from your heart, even in the middle of a conflict, will help you create the quality connections you long for in any life situation. Are you ready to take part in an intoductory workhop, do you want to ground your skills in a practice group or are you looking forward to learning about respectful parenting? If so, we offer Nonviolent Communication based trainings that can be designed just for you. You don't need to wait until we set training dates. Instead, you can bring your friends, neighboors, and/or colleagues together and ask us to run the trainings for your group.